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Every person suffers a trauma at some point in life. Early childhood or developmental traumas may or may not be long forgotten. However they are certainly still alive, impacting everyday life.

Trauma results when you perceive or experience (real or imagined) excessive stress that overwhelms your emotional, psychological or physical ability to cope and your belief that you will survive. This includes real or imagined physical, emotional, psychological and sexual threats and violence.

Consequences of trauma include Excessive Anxiety, Depression, Panic Attacks, Addictions, Inappropriate Stress, Self Harm, Relationship challenges, Sexual Difficulties, Disassociation and Disconnection from our bodies. What may be traumatic for you may barely affect another person or not affect them in the same way. Trauma is common to and affects Children, Women and Men,

Have you ever considered counselling as a means of getting to the root cause of your difficulties? Trauma and Stress a part of the normal cycle of life.

Emotional trauma may exist in the absence of any physical trauma, many times the two go hand-in-hand. If you are experiencing prolonged or recurring periods of Recurring Trauma or PTS, there is help and support available.

Are you may be searching for help and are anxious and fearful of taking the next step.

Everybody may experiences a trauma at some stage in their life. However, a potentially life threatening traumatic shock or event that becomes overpowering and continues to be experienced long after the event is recognized as Post Traumatic Stress (PTS) or (PTSD).

Seeking help through counselling will enable you to explore your internal difficulties and real life situations. This process can enable you to discover your existing inner resources and help you to build the awareness to make meaningful choices so as to live a more satisfying life.

Counselling 4 U offers a warm, empathetic, safe, confidential and professional environment, where your story can be heard.Trauma Counselling & Therapy can help you explore issues that may be troubling for you and you can begin to develop healthier and more fulfilling and healthy ways of coping and living.

Trauma is an extremely subjective and personal experience. While physical trauma leave wounds like the loss of a limb or a gunshot wound, the  shock to the body will heal over time. However, the person is left with the emotional wounds and the consequent repercussions. The impact of Psychological trauma may be long lasting, and when unresolved, can result in greater devastation than the original event.

Many people experience a ‘critical incident’ or a ‘traumatic event‘ at some stage in their life. A critical incident is a relatively sudden and unexpected and overwhelming event which is outside the range of usual human experience. Examples may include being involved in an accident, being mugged, assaulted, raped or being witness to the murder or injury of another person, being subjected to sustained forms of physical, psychological and or sexual abuse. Worldwide traumatic events include war, floods, plane crashes, tsunamis and other such disasters. Sometimes a trauma may be experienced vicariously or indirectly, as a bystander or witness to an event or where friends or family are victims.

If you have experienced a shock or a trauma that continues to have a negative impact on the quality of your life, after what might be considered a reasonable time, then it is wise to seek the assistance of counselling. Seeking help is the next step.
Common responses to the stress of critical incidents or traumatic events may affect all areas of one’s life the EMOTIONAL, BEHAVIORAL, PHYSICAL AND SPIRITUAL.

Symptoms are numerous and may include:
• Shock, disbelief at what happened
• Feeling numb, detached or disassociated from others.
• Fear for one’s own safety or for that of others
• Depression ‘for no reason’
• Feeling overwhelmed
• Anxiety, Irritability, Panic frequently associated with crowded places 
• Lack of confidence in areas which were previously deemed to be un-challenging.
• Anger at who may be responsible which may lead to spiritual distress
• Self-imposed social isolation.
• Family discord
• Crying spells

If you have experienced a shock or trauma that continues to have a negative impact on the quality of your life, or that of your partner, family and friends, then it is wise to seek the assistance of counselling. There are no issue too big or too small.

Seeking Help Is The Next Step! You Can Make That Difference Real In Your Life!