Counselling Support For Addiction

Addiction Counselling Psychotherapy Swords

You may be strongly depending on Alcohol, Sex, Drugs, Pornography or any other behavior, substance or relationships that you are not in control of.

This dependent behavior is characterized by a complete loss of control and an overwhelming desire to act regardless of consequences.

An addiction is described as a behavior is causing harm, either to self and/or to others, and that the person doing it has no meaningful control over it. It is a powerful, undeniable compulsion, and happens over and over again.

Addiction Counselling & Psychotherapy helps develop a range of techniques for changing your thinking and your behavior while enabling you to understand the origins and development of the addiction as a means of coping.

Are you may be searching for help and are anxious and fearful of taking the next step.

Counselling 4 U offers a warm, empathetic, safe, confidential and professional environment, where you will be heard and understood, and where you can explore what is troubling for you. Addiction Counselling explores core underlying patters of behaving and thinking which support addictive patterns and supports you in developing more fulfilling ways of living and behaving.

Addictions can including Alcohol Abuse, Prescriptions Drug Abuse, Narcotics & Substance Abuse, Sexual Behavior, Pornography, Eating Disorders, Texting, The Internet and Social Media to name but a few. Addictions can have an extremely negative impact on the quality of our relationships & our ability to relate in a healthy manner. This results in isolation, fear & shame. If you are experiencing prolonged or recurring periods of compulsive, repetitive and dependent behavior, there is help and support available

The term addiction implies that harmful effects are being wrought as a result of any repetitive behavior. When a person has a strong compulsion to do something that does not mean there is an addiction unless the behavior is producing harm. By an addiction, it means that the behavior is causing harm, either to self and/or to others, and that the person doing it has no meaningful control over it. It is a powerful, undeniable compulsion, and happens over and over again.

An Addiction is often characterized by a craving for more of the drug, substance or behavior, increased physiological tolerance to exposure, and withdrawal symptoms in the absence of the stimulus that is psychologically or physically habit-forming and produces an abnormally strong craving.

Addictions hurt everyone involved and are devastating to the lives they affect. The addicted person may be in total denial, feeling that he or she doesn’t have a problem. Or that person may feel completely helpless, and with each repeated act, his or her self-worth falls lower and lower. An addict loses touch with reality and their relationships in life crumble.

Everybody experiences an addiction at some stage in their lives. Some addictions are more sociable acceptable than others. Some addictions are more harmful than others. What is important about an addiction is that the dependent behavior is causing distress and difficulties for the person or to others in his or her social environment. Virtually any kind of behavior has the potential to be an unhealthy addiction. However, there are some well-recognized types of addictions that make up the bulk of addiction counselling. Some of the better well-known addictions include:

  • Drugs & Medicines
  • Narcotics and Substance Abuse
  • Alcohol Addiction
  • Pornography
  • Internet
  • Social Media
  • Sex Related
  • Eating Disorders
  • Gambling
  • Shopping
  • Video Gaming
  • Exercise

And any Behaviour or Activity that controls or leads to a reduction in your quality of life.

What you are struggling with is not unique to just you. You are not alone. Maladaptive or counter-productive behavior patterns tend to undermine resources and abilities and may be seen as self-defeating. Instead of helping the person adapt to situations or overcome problems, it leaves them feeling defeated. If only…

Addictive behavior is normally persistent and uncontrollable; Addictions are an everyday life problem. Isolation, Fear, Shame and Inferiority are all emotions that help maintain an addiction.

If you are experiencing difficulty in controlling the consumption of any product or substance or a behaviour which is having a negative impact on the quality of your life, or that of your family and friends, then it is wise to seek the assistance of counselling.

Seeking Help Is The Next Step! You Can Make That Difference Real In Your Life!