Men’s Self-Esteem, Depression, Anger, Sex, Anxiety, OCD, Addiction, Trauma Counselling Psychotherapy

Mens Counselling Psychotherapy Swords

Men struggling with Depression, Anxiety, Sexual, Anger, Trauma, Addiction, Emotional, Mental and Psychological difficulties find it hard to talk. They hide the difficulty hoping it will disappear. A sort of fantasy which IS NOT a sign of weakness. It is normal. Men just don’t talk about these issues.

Mental health concerns present many difficulties. Relationship Stress, Anxiety Depression and Worrying can contribute to Sexual, Mental, Emotional and Psychological distress and pain.

Mental health includes a broad range of issues that include Addiction, Depression, Anxiety, Stress, Sex, Bereavement, Relationships, Finances, Change, Personal Development, Employment and Sexual Intimacy, to name but a few.

Are you may be searching for help and are anxious and fearful of taking the next step.

What is Counselling Psychotherapy? Counselling 4 U offers a warm, empathetic, safe, confidential and professional environment in which to explore issues that may be troubling you and help you develop healthier and more fulfilling ways of being a good enough man.

Counselling for Men enables you to manage these issues in a more healthy manner. Seeking help through counselling will enable you to explore your internal difficulties and real life situations. This process can enable you to discover your existing inner resources and help you to build the awareness to make meaningful choices so as to live a more satisfying life.

Some men develop secret, inappropriate or unhelpful behaviours in an effort to manage, suppress, deny or hide from painful emotions and intimacy issues, such as shame and rejection. These behaviours can include the inappropriate use of alcohol or sex, social networking, pornography, affairs and secret relationships to name but a few..

If you are experiencing sexual, mental, emotional or psychological distress or pain, there is help and support available.

Our goal at Counselling 4 U is to provide counselling for men to help and support in a therapeutic environment, which enables you to talk about sexual, emotional, mental and psychological issues. This is a personal, safe, supportive and caring environment where you can explore personally sensitive and private material. We see life as a journey where you are invited to engage with life, acknowledging and letting go of what hinders you or holds you back.

While men can experience a variety of issues, their ability to express feelings sometimes presents difficulties, it’s not that they don’t
experience them. Some Men tend to have certain issues where gender impacts on how these issues are addressed. Issues that are seen more regularly in men include: Relationships, Addictions, Pornography, Depression, Stress and Anxiety, Bereavement and Loss, Substance Abuse, Anger related Issues, Impulse Control issues, Difficulties with Intimacy, Sexual Issues in addition to Work and Financial related issues.

When emotions are not handled in a healthy manner or are repressed or denied, other behaviours can manifest. These behaviours are not always healthy or appropriate. Some of these mismanaged emotions and feelings can lead to addictions, compulsions, and avoidance behaviours.

If you are experiencing inappropriate or unmanageable sexual, emotional, mental and psychological issues which may include Stress, Anger, Impulses, Loneliness, Isolation, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Substance Abuse, Impulse Control, Problems with intimacy or Sexual problems which are having a negative impact on the quality of your life, your partner, your relationship or your family then it is wise to seek the assistance of counselling. There are no issue too big or too small.

Counselling4U offers Counselling Psychotherapy for Depression, Anxiety, Sex, Anger Management, Relationships, Bereavement, Pornography, Addiction and much more.