Depression, Isolation, Despondent Counselling Psychotherapy

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Depression is a psychological condition that is real. It impacts your feeling, emotions, thinking, both mental and physical health with the consequent impact on your behaviour and daily life choices.

Normally feeling down only lasts for a short while, depression affects you for a much longer period. While you may even consider this experience of Depression, Isolation, Despondency, feeling down or Suicidal, as a sign of weakness, it most certainly is not. There is help available.

Depression, at some level, and Anxiety (closely related) is a part of the cycle of life. A majority of people feel depressed or down at some stage in their life, however it is short lived and they recover their Mojo.

If you are experiencing Depression, Isolation, Despondency or Depressed mood for more than 10 days, and this is having a negative impact on the quality of your life then it may be helpful to talk with a counsellor.

If you are experiencing prolonged or recurring periods of depression, there is help and support available. It might be important to consult your GP as well as attending counselling for depression. This is a normal ways of addressing a depression or depressive illness.

Anxiety Stress and Worrying may, in some cases, contribute to the onset of a Depression episode, while Depression my lead to an increase in Anxiety and Rumination.

 Are you may be searching for help and are anxious and fearful of taking the next step.

What is Counselling psychotherapy? Counselling 4 U offers a warm, empathetic, safe, confidential and professional environment where you can be heard and understood and where you can explore what is troubling you.

A person attends Depression Counselling & Psychotherapy to explore the under lying issues and develop ways of coping with the depression and to begin to adjust their life style to help alleviate some of the more difficult symptoms. This process can enable you to discover your existing inner resources and help you to build the awareness to make meaningful choices so as to live a more satisfying life.

Peter suffered depression; however his story is that there is always something worth living for. Read Peters Testimony .

People who are depressed may feel increasingly irritable, experience a sense of emptiness and hopelessness, and they often feel completely overwhelmed, losing interest in activities they once enjoyed. Real depression is also commonly accompanied by a variety of physical symptoms including lack of energy, problems sleeping, pronounced weight changes, and eventually, even serious illness.

Talk to someone. Tell them how bad it really is. Don’t be afraid and don’t be ashamed. You are worth living for. Have courage. Take a step. Grab hold of who you really are. Lift the phone. Dial 087-2620952 or call the Samaritans at 1850 60 90 90 .

If you are experiencing depression or depressed moods which are having a negative impact on the quality of your life or that of your partner, family and friends, then it is wise to seek the assistance of counselling. There are no issue too big or too small.

Seeking Help Is The Next Step! You Can Make That Difference Real In Your Life!

Counselling4U offers Counselling Psychotherapy for Trauma, Stress, Panic Attacks, Self Harm and much more.