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A Relationship means a safe, secure dependent attachment, which facilitates independence. You can be really close to your partner, with a secure base for both care seeking and care giving This nurtures strong and secure intimate bonds and attachments which become the bedrock in your relationship.

If the goal of this is to be “An individual in a secure dependent relationship while being independent and individual, inviting the other into your life”, then Relationship Counselling Psychotherapy provides a place where you can get deeper understanding and acceptance of your-self and/or your partners way of relating.

Have you ever considered counselling psychotherapy as a means of repairing and enhancing your relationship?

Do you feel that your relationship is hard work? Would better communication help? Does the way you attempt to solve problems work for you? Does rowing in your relationship achieve its goal? Closeness OR – Do you feel detached from your partner?

Do problems seem to stay unresolved between you and your partner and old unresolved issues seem to come up again and again?

When you try to talk things through what happens that stops either of you from listening to what the other has to say or how they feel?

Do you find yourselves reacting in a defensive manner as you don’t like what the other person is feeling or what you’re hearing?

Do you no longer listen to each other as you’ve argued over the same issues time and again?

Whatever the problem is, it can leave you no longer feel as close to your partner which then really starts to affect your relationship.

What is a relationship anyways, you may ask?

Would you like to feel really close to your partner again and fell safe and secure?

What is Counselling Psychotherapy? Counselling 4 U offers a warm, empathetic, safe, confidential and professional environment, for individuals, men or women and couples, where your can be heard and understood and explore what is troubling for you and blocking your progress in life. It is here that you can begin to explore and understand your way of relating.

Relationship Counselling Psychotherapy helps you to explore your relationship issues and develop healthier and more fulfilling ways of developing and / or maintaining relationships.

Counselling will assist you in facing emotional difficulties and enable you to begin to connect and relate in a more helpful and healthy manner. This process can enable you to discover your existing inner resources and help you to build the awareness to make meaningful choices so as to live a more satisfying life.

Relationships, being a normal part of life, present on-going and repeating difficulties. In certain cases forming or maintain a mutually satisfying and rewarding long-term relationship can prove to be extremely difficult and stressful for some people.

Our way of relating as an adult is derived from our earliest family attachment and relationships. Our relationships impact on every aspect of our lives. The first and most influential personal relationships commence from childhood with our parents. If our relationships with our parents were difficult, or we observed lack of communication, fighting, hatred and tension between our parents this may produce insecure attachment styles, influencing all our relationships and our way of relating as adults.

If we experienced rejection, hurt and losses as a child we may be unconsciously repeating these patterns as adults or we may avoid intimate relationships in order to protect ourselves from anticipated rejections. Adult Relationships may lead to feelings of hurt and anger exposing our ability or inability to trust while experiencing feelings of loneliness, rejection and loss.

Boundaries can be a source of conflict in relationships. Boundaries are the dividing lines we draw between ourselves and those around us. If crossed, we can feel angry, hurt, humiliated, or even violated. In personal relationships however, our boundaries are often more tightly linked to our expectations.

When we begin a new relationship, we tend to loosen our expectations and the comfortable limits of our boundaries. We are often consciously or unconsciously taught as children that setting boundaries is rude, disrespectful, and wrong and as such, when we become adults we may not even know how to set healthy limits.

Each person involved in a personal relationship has something at stake. Even if you feel you are an unconditional friend or mate, if there are problems in your relationship, guaranteed, there are expectations not being met. For the most part, the majority of problems we encounter in personal relationships revolve around two specific areas — our expectations of the relationship and the people involved and/or a lack of personal boundaries.

If you are experiencing Relationship difficulties or behaviours which are having a negative impact on the quality of your life, or that of your partner, family and friends, then it is wise to seek the assistance of counselling. There are no issue too big or too small.

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